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Cibelle gratis en Madrid dia 22

Fecha: 22 de junio de 2011
Hora: 19:30 h
Lugar: Edificio Nouvel, Cafetería (Museo Reina Sofía)
Entrada: gratuita hasta completar aforo (previa recogida de tickets)

Una actuación muy especial de Cibelle (solo) dentro del nuevo ciclo Espacio acústico #1 organizado por el Museo Reina Sofía en colaboración con Mahou y su iniciativa Afterwork by Mahou Premium Light


Una de las más imaginativas artistas del panorama actual, Cibelle llamó  la atención como vocalista del último album de Suba "Sao Paulo  Confessions", Después de un brillante álbum de debut auto titulado "Cibelle", su segundo trabajo "The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves" cosechó criticas  entusiastas, manejando una rica paleta de instrumentos, cautivadores  paisajes sonoros e historias encantadas. Grabado y producido por Cibelle  en colaboración con Mike Lindsay (Tunng), Apollo Nove y Yann Arnaud  (Air), incluia duetos con Seu Jorge, Spleen y Devendra Banhart.

 Cibelle es originaria de Sao Paulo, Brasil y lleva muchos años residiendo en Londres

 - Cibelle, Crammed Discs, 2003
 - About a Girl, EP, Crammed Disc, 2005
 - The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves, Crammed Discs, 2007
 - Green Grass,  EP vinyl, Crammed Discs, 2008
 - White Hair, EP, Crammed Discs, 2009
 - La Venus Resort Palace Hotel, 2010

Lo que ha dicho la crítica de  anteriores trabajos:
“Cibelle  has crafted a sophisticated trilingual pop record, spinning twitchy  electronics, American freak-folk, and Brazilian traditions into a  glittering tableau All the more radiant for their partial construction,  Cibelle's songs are marked by a billowing drift, with pliant, meandering  melodies and progressions that seem less linear than mutational, evolving  toward realization by gradual degrees”
Pitchfork (USA)

 "The sound of the  summer…however this isn't your average summer… Opening with a Tom Waits  cover is risky, but transforming his growl into Joanna Newsom meeting  Edith Piaf proves that Cibelle's not only unafraid to mess with  preconceptions, she's also a budding star"

 "A  seductively inventive record"

 Uncut (UK)

 "The ideal  soundtrack for indie picnics this summer. It's wonderfully refreshing to  find intelligence and unconventionality worn so lightly and sunnily. This  is iced mint tea for the ears”
Daily Telegraph (UK)

 "Collaborations [with CocoRosie sideman Spleen and with Devendra Banhart]  suggest an alignment with the voguish freak-folk scene, but Cibelle steers  thankfully clear of the childish contrivances of those acts while  retaining the endearingly patchwork quality of their music. There are many  moments of spellbinding intimacy to be found here" 
The Guardian (UK)

 "She's a canny pop amalgamator, experimenting with soundscapes but never  forgetting about tunes… Even when her music is most borderless and  surreal, she never sounds disoriented" 

 The New York Times (USA)

 "Haunted, cut-up, serenely twinkling electro-acoustic folk-pop… This is  my ideal sound and you need to hear it now because then it will be your  ideal sound too" 
Pop  Matters (USA)

 "She's found the  recipe for delicate and tasty music which blends songwriting and  cutting-edge wizardry…A rich palette of colours and heady perfumes. Gifted  with sensitive and powerful antennaes, she transforms all the information  she absorbs to create a universal language"

 Les Inrockuptibles (France)

 "A delightful  surprise to those who enjoy their music heady as well as luscious, and  with a literate, worldly edge"

 All Music Guide (USA)

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